MB-5 Crash Truck DA Nang RVN  1667
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MB-1  Crash Truck damaged by enemy rocket DA Nang, RVN  1967  Click on
truck for larger picture
Picture of Quantico,Va. Crash Crew below
1969 or 1970 Donated by Former GySgt.
Joe (Melvin) Post.......Click on photo for larger
view and names
Atsugi Japan  1962-63 Picture donated by Joe (Melvin) Post
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Next set of pictures donated by: Dave Hildebrand....Click on each
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MCAS EL Toro 1967 Click on picture to view full size.
MCAS Kaneohe Bay 1968 Click on picture
to view full size.
Arnold Shwartzenhager,Maj.Bill Nelson.
Wayne Andersen 1968 Hawaii Click for full size
Wayne Andersen K.Bay Crash Crew 1968 click to view full size.
First 4 pictures donated by Wayne Andersen