From El Toro to Cherry Point from Japan to Viet Nam from Iraq to their home the Marines of Crash Crew practice a dangerous trade on the filght lines of the world.When the smoke and the fire and fuel have been dealt with, entry is gained through window or door come a team of professionals,men and women who are ready and willing to lay it all on the line and rescue a stranger without batting an eye.They make a difference to the world of flight and return a Father or a Brother from the night. Crash Crewman are a special breed of Marine who think of others and of their plight.They work not for money or glory for themselves, they work for the souls alone in the flames. James F. Tierney JR. USMC CRASH CREW 1965 Da Nang, Viet Nam 1965 James F. Tierney Jr. Copyright ©2005 James F. Tierney Jr.


To the men and women of crash crew who risk their lives 24/7