Picture 1          2003 Carmichael Cobra 2. 10850 litres of water 1400 litres of foam   50kg  Monnex portable powder unit. 50 kg fixed powder unit.

                       Engine, Caterpillar, 700BHP, top speed  85 mph , Weight 29500 KGS

Picture 2          1994  GS Protector C3       11000 litres of water  1320 litres of foam  50kg Monnex powder fixed unit 100 kg of BCF. Weight 33000kgs

                       Engine Detroit , V12 ,18 litre, 895 BHP, (clocked on the test track fully loaded at 107 MPH)

Picture 3          1982  RAF MK11                5682 litres of water    650 litres of foam   50kg Monnex powder fixed system.

                       Engine Cummings/Alison, 600 BHP, top Speed 65 MPH, Weight 22000KGS.

Pictures 4 and 5  were taken on my crew commanders assessment some years ago.

We are due for a Foam Vehicle review depending on this we may receive 1 if not 2 new Foam vehicles.

Monitor throws from the roof on these vehicles varies from 50metres up to 75 metres. The smaller bumper turrets have a throw of 40 metres.

Crash Vehicles used in England